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We sometimes joke that our research network started as a "support group," given the rigor of Anthropocene discourse and participating in emergent fields. However, there is truth to that sentiment, as we believe that research is best accomplished through collaboration and supporting one's community. In that spirit, we offer these resources to researchers interested in (and new to) Anthropocene Studies and the Environmental Humanities generally.

A Feminist Environmental Humanities Reading List:

Sample Syllabi

Additionally, here listed are some sample syllabi for those seeking to incorporate the Environmental Humanities into their teaching:

Mercedes Chavez, Course Title: "It's Not About Climate Change? Media in the Anthropocene"

Disciplines: Film and Media Studies, Second-Level Writing, Critical Studies 

This class is a second-level writing course structured around concepts central and adjacent to the Anthropocene such as scale, time, petrocultures, solastalgia, and activism. It features a variety of popular culture media artifacts, including films, tv shows, podcasts, and long form journalism to gain a foundation in what the Anthropocene is and its implications for future generations.

Mercedes Chavez, Course Title: Issues in Modernity/Postmodernity: Screening the Anthropocene

Disciplines: Film and Media Studies, Comparative Studies, Critical Studies

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