Monday, August 19, 2019

VitA at ASLE 2019

This summer was a busy one for members of VitA, with three of our members participating in the 2019 Conference of the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment (ASLE) at the University of California, Davis.

Preeti Singh delivered her paper, "An Upside-Down Humanism for the Anthropocene: Three Scholar-Activists from India."

Mercedes Chavez delivered an excerpt from her dissertation, "Bugs, Birds, and Trains: Sound, Kelly Reichardt, and the Anthropocene Western," a discussion of how the use of cinematic sound allows space for posthuman interpretation. Mercedes also took part in the Affective Ecocriticism Workshop, exploring affective relationships toward nature, environment, and humanity.

Jordan Lovejoy participated in a workshop that looks to be the future of visual storytelling: "Using Maps in Scholarship and Creative Projects: Integrating ArcGIS Online, Story Map Apps, and Story Map Journals." Using digital technology to represent data, the workshop presented a novel approach to the challenge of imparting data to the public.

More to come on the wonderful experience that was ASLE '19!

Monday, February 11, 2019


Welcome to Voices in the Anthropocene, a graduate working group dedicated to an intersectional approach to issues surrounding our nascent epoch. We are composed of PhD students working in the environmental humanities at The Ohio State University, from folklore to aesthetics and beyond.

Our group came together in Spring 2015 under the direction of Prof. Thomas S. Davis. The founding members took part in Prof. Davis's Aesthetics in the Anthropocene graduate seminar, for some, their first introduction to the field. VitA was originally conceived as a graduate reading group but quickly grew to be a support system for our members. Primarily composed of female-identified scholars, we formed the group in part to combat the dominance of northern, Anglo and male voices in the field of Anthropocene studies.

As we have been able to support each other by pooling our resources and information, we hope to also serve as a resource for others in the field. Please check back at the blog regularly for posts from our members about their research and teaching. We will also post sample syllabi for those interested in teaching the environmental humanities or Anthropocene studies in the college classroom. Check back for more soon!